Artist Profile - Cristina Lavina Ferez

Artist Profile – Cristina Lavina Ferez

Vancouver is an awesome place to live, and an incredible place to work making games. Today we talk to Cristina about what drew her to Vancouver and to the Blackbird Interactive team.

Why did you decide to move to and work in Vancouver, Canada?

Before living in Vancouver, I was working and living in London. I was there for 3 years and started to feel I wanted a change. Even though my career in London was growing and getting better every day, I didn’t feel 100% happy in the city. London was too big, and too tough. So in spring of 2014 I felt I had had enough. I was deeply considering returning to my home in Barcelona, Spain. One day my boyfriend came home and told me that he knew an ex-coworker that recently moved to Vancouver and he was amazed by the city and the lifestyle. I said “Vancouver? Where is that!?!”. So we started looking at images, videos, comments online, and then started asking other people about the city. “A small city by the ocean, like Barcelona?!”, “Wait… a 40 minute drive to the mountains for snowboarding?! Are you kidding me?”, ” Look at those forests!”. “We’re going to Canada!”

What work are you most proud of?

Tough question. I think it has always been the Character work. I’ve always been very focused on creating characters. Not only designing their look, but also creating their personalities and bringing life into them. I always thought that when you are designing a character it is important to show the life inside; showing hints of their personality, making them real and believable. Transcending style, experiencing what the character is feeling when you look at them!

My biggest hope is that when people look at my characters they feel something for them.

What is the favourite part of working at BBI?

The people here are incredible in every way! Everybody in the company is so keen to give their best to the project and to make this company the best place to work. We talk a lot; we have tonnes of feedback and back and forth communication. We give our voice to everything and we understand, comprehend and complement each other. Motivation is the air you breath in here.

I’d like to add that that big part of this motivation comes from the great leadership we have.

Our leads are completely amazing. Each of them is passionate about making the teams work strongly together. Hearing and valuing our opinions and feedback, and helping us reach a unified vision.

We’re all together in this adventure and we’re so happy to be sharing this and making awesome games!