Holiday Message from Rob

From Rob Cunningham, CEO of Blackbird Interactive:

hey there!

best wishes to everyone from Blackbird!

its been a great year – we were super excited to release DoK and were totally overwhelmed with the enthusiastic welcome it received.

bringing a memorable experience to you guys is why we do this. the volume and sincerity of fan feedback was amazing – the criticism too! all of us that worked so hard to pull it off felt incredibly rewarded. THANK YOU so much to all the contributors! the fan artists, streamers, casters, tournament organizers, community superstars and posters – all of you continue to inspire us – you rock!

special call outs to Sinistro, Magpie, Dreamlands, Aidan Steele, Sastrei, AGameAnx, Descara, Tren, Sajuuk, Majiir, Coercer, theOblivinator, Doug Bacon, Kumori No Mikoto, Kurtis Millette, Megarith, Petr Misak, James Nicholls, Sam Hoskins, the fine folks at Fists of Heaven, Mike Ptak, and of course Tyler Higgs! but there’s so many more i could never get everyone here… you know who you are! i would personally love to spend more time online chatting about whatever we all dream up but there’s never enough time.

we hope to share what we are working on at BBI soon enough – can’t wait! i hope you will continue to find it worthy of your energy, inspiration and endless creativity.

happy holidays everyone! happy 2017!

rob c