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The 2016 Blackbird Interactive Game Jam

Last month Blackbird Interactive held our first studio game jam. This week we are releasing articles talking about the experience we had with the event, and showing you what we made! Four Games in Five Days First, a little background info. A few months back, BBI sponsored the Vancouver Global Game Jam. We had two groups participate as jammers,… Read more »

Deserts of Kharak: Made with Unity

Yossarian King, Blackbird’s CTO, has written up this extensive write-up on the making of Blackbird’s first title, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. The article talks about the earlier iterations of Hardware: Shipbreakers, and the transformation from the early days of making a Facebook game, all the way to the latest release. If you want to learn more,… Read more »

Lighting: From Concept to Final Frame

By Adam Myhill Disclaimer: Below are images from the game which include locations from the later missions of the Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak campaign. This article explains the lighting process here at BBI used on Deserts of Kharak.  Here I’ll breakdown the steps from start to finish, sharing some of the key ideas at each stage. Concept Art We’re… Read more »

A Fleet of Your Own: Tuning missions for persistent fleets

By Sacha Narine The persistent fleet is a key feature of the Homeworld franchise and Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. It provides the design team with great opportunities (and considerable challenges,) but its primary purpose is to give each player a unique and cohesive campaign experience. Each player starts with a handful of light vehicles and may expand… Read more »

Grounded Gameplay Design

Transitioning Homeworld’s space-based gameplay to a ground-based RTS By Elliot Hudson – Core Gameplay Designer Before embarking on our journey to create a new Homeworld game, we reflected a lot on what made the originals unique, successful, and resonate with their audience. We had a whiteboard covered in words describing the essence of Homeworld, from… Read more »

Gaalsien Faction

By Elliot Hudson: Game Designer Disclaimer: We’ve kept much about the Gaalsien faction under wraps until now. There are no major plot point spoilers below, but we do mention a few elements about the Gaalsien that you might prefer to learn via the campaign; fair warning to those who might want to discover the intricacies of… Read more »

Deserts of Kharak Coalition Faction Overview

By Rory McGuire – Lead Game Designer This article is the first in a series of blog posts written by the team at Blackbird Interactive. In these blog posts, we want to provide information to our players on the factions of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak and offer design intentions for how we expect them to… Read more »

Welcome to News and Updates

Hello — welcome to the latest news and updates from Blackbird Interactive. Here you’ll find posts on game updates, development announcements, and all other things we think our fans and users would want to know. We’ve also hooked these posts into our forum and provided functionality where you can leave comments and discuss the post… Read more »