What is Blackbird Interactive?

Blackbird is an independent game development studio located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Founded in 2010, Blackbird is dedicated to creating uncompromising immersive games with a strong narrative and distinct art style. Blackbird Interactive is best known for its 2016 release Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak™ and is currently working on three major unannounced projects.

Can I submit my content suggestions or game pitches to BBI?

We love the passion and creativity our fans show towards our games. We appreciate that people are eager to pitch us with ideas for new games or for content for our current or future games. While you may have an awesome idea, it may be similar or identical to an idea that has already been considered, is in production, or is being developed by or for another company. For these reasons our company policy at Blackbird Interactive Inc. prevents us from directly accepting or reviewing any unsolicited ideas or submissions. If you would like to share your idea  with our community or have any feedback for any of our games, please join our Discord server!

Can I create, use, or distribute hacks or cheats for your companies games?

Blackbird Interactive Inc. does not condone the creation, distribution or use of cheats, cracks, or hacks for Blackbird Interactive Inc. products and games under any circumstance.

Does Blackbird have an internship program?

Not at this time. However Blackbird actively participates in co-op programs with several Canadian universities and colleges.

Can I create mods for your games?

We are fully in support of the creation of mods of our games for personal use, as long as they are distributed for free and are not impinging on the intellectual property of Blackbird Interactive Inc. or other companies. In cases where any intellectual property associated with the mod does not belong to Blackbird Interactive Inc. express permission must be sought from the owners of the intellectual property in question.

Can I write a novel based on one of your games?

No. While we fully support the creation and free distribution of stories/fan-fiction based on our games, we do not allow the creation of unlicensed novels, comics, plays or any other forms of literature for commercial distribution.

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