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Artist Profile - Noah Stacey

Artist Profile – Noah Stacey Blackbird Interactive has art at its core. Today we talk with Noah Stacey and learn what it was like to be part of that artistic core from the very beginning in Rob’s garage. When did you start working at BBI?¬† I was lucky enough to start at Blackbird during its… Read more »

Artist Profile - Cristina Lavina Ferez

Artist Profile – Cristina Lavina Ferez Vancouver is an awesome place to live, and an incredible place to work making games. Today we talk to Cristina about what drew her to Vancouver and to the Blackbird Interactive team. Why did you decide to move to and work in Vancouver, Canada? Before living in Vancouver, I… Read more »

Artist Profile - Brennan Massicotte

Artist Profile – Brennan Massicotte What makes Blackbird Interactive such a fantastic place to work? The people, and the artistic and creative vision they bring to the studio. Today we share the first of what will be a series of employee profiles, meeting some of the incredible talent¬†that make up our team here at Blackbird…. Read more »