Life at BBI

At Blackbird we pride ourselves on our culture of creativity and quality. Instead of ideas flowing down from the top, we believe that great ideas can come from any discipline and any team member.

We believe that good leadership is derived from listening to and supporting individual voices, and that this creates strong team players invested in their teams and their projects.

We believe that culture is derived not from a ping pong table or a trust fall, but from the desire to work and play with your coworkers because you like them as creators and as people.

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Our Mission

Blackbird Interactive was founded to create world-class, immersive, compelling and stylish interactive experiences.

As a studio we commit to create:

  • Compelling worlds that inspire our players
  • Best-in-class vehicles and industrial design
  • Replayable campaign narratives that can be played again and again

BBI’s Brand New Studio

In January 2019 we moved into a brand new state of the art 29,000 square foot studio space complete with cinema room, sound studios, play-testing area and rooftop patio.

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Meet the Team

BBI Leadership

Rob Cunningham


Rob was an original founding member of Relic Entertainment and was art director for Relic’s sci-fi award winning cult classics Homeworld and Homeworld 2. After THQ’s acquisition of Relic in 2004, Rob continued to direct premium properties for the studio including the Dawn of War and Company of Heroes franchises, but his real passion was for emerging market opportunities. After leaving Relic in 2007, Rob established the eatART Foundation then turned his attention towards forming a new game studio with familiar faces.

Eric Torin


Eric wrote a video game in Basic in 1982, but even his Mom suggested it needed work. So Eric went and completed studies in CompSci, among other things. He then got distracted by the evil lure of television and movie production. He programmed a bunch of tools, created some special effects, donned one of those weird mo-cap suits, and even wrote an episode of Transformers: Beast Wars. After a time Eric remembered how awesome games are, and decided to return to the light of game development for good. He’s shipped a bunch of EA titles, and some Relic titles, too. He thinks Blackbird rocks.

Yossarian “Yggy” King


Yossarian adored his Commodore 64 in high school, and after a trip to the Canada-Wide Science Fair he decided to dedicate his life to programming computers. He spent way too much time in university learning about compilers, neuroscience, and philosophy, and then even more time at Electronic Arts building sports games for every platform from the Sega Saturn to the Playstation 2. He can sometimes be spotted on his unicycle, in a kayak, or running around town searching for Vancouver’s best peanut-butter chocolate chip muffin.

Rory McGuire


Rory began his career at High Moon Studios where he was instrumental in implementing Scrum which had a large impact on the design process of the Darkwatch and Bourne Conspiracy games. Rory spent a number of years at Sony Online contributing to their online services, including work on Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online. Rory has also provided third party design work for companies such as Sega, Warner Brothers and Disney Interactive on their breakout Where’s My Water series.

Rory led the design team on Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.

Peter Greenwood


Peter saw the light and joined Blackbird after being a KPMG partner in Vancouver and BT Group plc in London UK, at the VP Finance level. He brings deep knowledge of finance, reporting, business growth, investor and stakeholder management as well as organizational leadership for teams. Peter is able to add up numbers and, if pressed, may also subtract them.

Robin Bacsfalvi


Robin has been with Blackbird Interactive Inc. as Controller since March 2012. Like all other members of game company Finance teams she measures her years in the industry by SR&ED claim refund dates. With over fifteen years of accounting experience across a range of industries here in Vancouver, she is in awe of the talent across the studio; that said, she can’t imagine a working day without spreadsheets.

Sarah McNair


Since falling into the role by accident a long time ago, Sarah has found her calling in HR and Leadership Development. Sarah arrived in Vancouver in 2006, and dived head first into the world of digital entertainment joining EA Blackbox and taking them through several transitions. She was part of the leadership team at Pixar Canada, helping build the studio from the ground up (her favourite Pixar character is Wall⋅E, obviously!). Sarah thrives off helping people find their passion and creative potential and is an expert bringing together amazing talent to form world-class teams.

Katie Findlay

Operations Director

Known by some as the supreme overlord of all things, Katie keeps the studio running. She oversees the facilities, IT, and central resource teams. Oh, and internal communication. That too. Also she built us a brand spanking new studio. Katie joined BBI from the fast-paced world of animation to help guide BBI as we tripled in size and managed not one but two studio build out projects inside a single year. Fun fact: Katie got herself a second Nintendo Switch so she wouldn’t have to share with her kids.

Aaron Kambeitz

Studio Concept Director

Aaron was one of the founding members of Relic Entertainment and the acclaimed lead artist on the sci-fi classic Homeworld. Since leaving Relic in 2002, Aaron has been in high demand as an art director, concept artist and intellectual property developer. He has worked for many Vancouver game studios including EA and United Front Games on such titles as Homeworld 2, Need for Speed and Mod Nation Racers.

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