Blackbird Interactive is an independent game development studio dedicated to creating world-class, immersive, compelling and stylish interactive experiences.
We are committed to building engaging gameplay, telling amazing stories, and delivering uncompromising quality to all of our customers.
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Project Eagle

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Project Eagle, a collaboration between NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Blackbird Interactive Inc., is an interactive model of a Mars colony in Gale Crater at the base of Mount Sharp, near the original landing site of the Mars Curiosity Rover. It is set in 2117, 44 Martian years (82.8 Earth years) after first human mission to Mars. Project Eagle was built to be presented live on stage at the 2017 D.I.C.E. summit.


Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

Homeworld®: Deserts of Kharak™ is officially now available for purchase. This prequel to the acclaimed Homeworld series of games is BBI's first title, thanks to Gearbox Software. For more information or to purchase Homeworld™: Deserts of Kharak®, please follow this link.



Blackbird is a private, independent game studio headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company was founded in 2007. The founders are a team of experienced and successful video game industry veterans including senior EA staff and founders of Relic Entertainment.

In 2010 development started with an ambitious sci-fi game entitled HARDWARE. Inspired by Homeworld, a franchise developed by some of BBI’s founders, it was originally planned as a Free to Play (F2P) real-time strategy (RTS) game. After Gearbox Software bought the Homeworld IP in 2013, a deal was signed at PAX between Gearbox and BBI to turn HARDWARE into the next game in the Homeworld franchise.


Meet the team at Blackbird Interactive

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The team at BBI loves to build the quality and style of games we want to play ourselves. Our commitment to great games is ever present in the amount of time we invest in tuning features, the quality of the content we produce, and in refining the final product. Our aim is to deliver games that go beyond what the  audience would expect, and to build gaming experiences we can all be proud of.

Our offices are located in an up-and-coming technology park surrounded by a mix of post-secondary schools, students, and other software companies. Our office itself has been converted from a construction and service facility for construction equipment, which blends well with our love of heavy machinery and hardware.

Of course life isn't 100% about work. The people at BBI have an eclectic mix of hobbies and extra-curricular activities. You can find members of BBI in many local activities from running marathons, playing music, tuning cars, to building giant mechanical contraptions, all for fun.

If you are interested in joining the team at Blackbird Interactive you can find out more information on our jobs page.




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